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Mark Glover
10 June 1986
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Well, here we go with the third rewrite of my bio. This will of course not be the last. Every now and again I find it needs rewriting, either because it is factually inaccurate or because reading it makes me cringe. This time round it was a bit of both. The old bio was long and rambling and basically talked about stuff which wouldn't interest my nearest and dearest, nevermind people stumbling across my journal for the first time, so I figured it had to go.

A couple of house keeping notes before we go any further: Firstly, the background to my journal was designed by kyrissaean, and she also selected the font. The rest of the journal was designed by me according to a previous design by lady_brightside and the limitations of an existing S2 theme.

I don't friends lock my posts as I have always been of the opinion that anyone who is interested enough in me to wade through the thousands of words of mindless drivel that make up one of my average posts probably deserves to stay and read on. Such people are also welcome to comment on my posts, and should they friend me, I shall friend them back :)

Just for the record: I am a 20 year old university student in the third year of a Business and Law BA (Hons) degree studying at The University of the West of England, Bristol. When not at uni I reside in Yateley, the town in which I grew up and where I was living when I first began to keep this Journal.

My reasons for writing here are partly to do with my desire to keep some kind of a record of this stage of my life (although I do find reading back incredibly tiresome) and partly because I enjoy keeping the creative part of my brain alive. As you can probably imagine, my degree doesn't allow me much scope to be creative, the result of which is that I find myself somewhat unbalanced, with only one side of my brain being exercised. Ok so LJ isn't exactly taxing on the creative side, but it does engage the old brain cells just enough to keep them alive until such time as I can turn my attentions to something more interesting. Apart from anything else it is just a damn good place to have a rant and let off steam :)

So, that is me in a nutshell. To find out what I'm into why not check the interests list, although please bear in mind that it maxes out at 150 listed interests, so just because something isn't listed, doesn't mean I'm not interested in it.

Last Updated: 12.04.07

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Ignorminious is Live Journal's answer to Yoda from Starwars. He is both extremely attractive, and incredibly witty. He spends most of his time sculking in a corner of the Live Journal world, listening in on what his friends think and say. He has always read every post on his friends list, even before they have been told "Journal successfully updated."
Strengths: Good looks, charming personality. Desire to help in anyway he can. Ability to listen and to try and offer advice. Always there when needed.
Weaknesses: Self esteem, lack of confidence, laziness, regular mood swings, a desire for perfection and an inability to feel a sense of achievement.
Special Skills: Mediation, logic and empathy.
Weapons: Irrisitable sex appeal, a sharp knife, two pistols, a sub machine gun and a rocket launcher.
Motto: If you can't win out right, and be the undisputed champion at everything you do, then your just not trying hard enough.

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